Armstrong Ave, Building 402

From the outset, Smucker Company knew that this Project would be special. We were being asked by Armstrong Ceilings, the world leader in acoustical products, to install their latest innovations and newest products at The Avenue. The Armstrong Avenue is used by Armstrong to host Architects, Owners and Contractors from all over the world and they showcase their products for the entire world to see. Smucker Company’s team knew that we were being counted on by Armstrong to perform at the highest level of quality and to install products that had never been installed before. This was going to be a fun and exciting Project!

Upon award of the Contract to Smucker Company from High Construction, we were immediately asked to be a part of all the Project meetings and had direct access to the innovation and design team from Armstrong. Armstrong provided all the material, our installers simply had to figure out how to install these products that did not come with an installation guide because they are brand new to the marketplace. In most cases, we were later asked how we installed the products because they needed to create an installation guide based on how our installers did the work. For many of the ceiling types, the product was field modified to fit the existing space that was designated for that ceiling type.

  • Client: Armstrong Ave, Building 402
  • Project Type: Office
  • Contractor: High Construction

The Project started with a Unistrut ceiling support system that was used to support the ceilings in areas where they did not want to attach directly to the deck above. They also installed the Unistrut so that, in the future, when they want to change the ceiling type in that area, they simply have to reattach to the Unistrut system and they will avoid a lot of work and mess because of not having to demo from the deck above and reattach to the deck above. This is a very key point because Armstrong’s innovation team is constantly bringing new products to the marketplace and they now will have an easy way of showcasing them.

Most of our metal stud framing and drywall work was typical walls and soffits. However, there is an area of the space where Armstrong has the company timeline/history. This wall was built out of metal studs and drywall. The wall has irregular angles and heights and is completely open in the middle of the wall to receive the “see through” display glass that is used to show the company timeline/history. This area showcases what the Smucker Company installers can create with metal studs, drywall, reveal beads and corner beads.

The featured area of this Project for the Smucker Company team is the many different Armstrong wall and ceiling types/products that are installed throughout The Avenue.

  • Aluminum Blades – Structural Element installed in the two-story open area. This ceiling incorporates curved metal fins and randomly placed colorful panels. They intersect each other and create an incredible open concept design.
  • Four large floating clouds with DesignFlex ceiling systems with 4 different material types, angled grid and triangular, trapezoidal and parallelogram shaped panels. These clouds are framed with Axiom trim which highlights each different shape, color, texture and pattern of the DesignFlex ceiling system. The DesignFlex ceiling system also features an integrated lighting system. We installed the “light tees”, which are then connected to electrical power by the electrician and when illuminated, the ceiling grid tees become the lighting for the room.
  • Soundscapes Shapes rectangular clouds installed with aircraft cable.
  • MetalWorks Mesh panels installed in acoustical ceiling grid.
  • Soundscapes Shapes hexagon floating clouds.
  • MetalWorks Blades installed on a carrying channel to create a floating look.
  • Undulating curved WoodWorks wall and ceiling creation in the Presentation Room.
  • Tectum cementitious wood fiber panels installed directly onto the 2nd floor deck for sound absorption.
  • InvisAcoustics sound panels installed directly to the 2nd floor deck for sound absorption.
  • AcoustiBuilt seamless ceiling system, including a test area that show the process of this new sounds absorption product. The test area shows the AcoustiBuilt system is different stages of completion. Smucker Company was involved initially with the testing of this product, long before they decided to install it in The Avenue. Our team helped Armstrong create the installation process and troubleshoot the product before it was ready to showcase in The Avenue.
  • Acoustical grid and tile in the office areas. The products in these areas are more traditional and aim to show what can be done by combining new and innovative products with more traditional ceiling products.
  • WoodWorks walls in the reception area.
  • Plasterform architectural casting created an entire wall of custom shapes. The metal stud framing for this product had to be very precise because the Plasterform was manufactured off-site and the custom shapes could not be modified in the field. We also incorporated reveal beads into the final design. The Plasterform was the finished product, ready for paint, therefore, we simply caulked the joints and prepped the screw holes for paint.

The many fine details of the installation of these products are too tedious to detail in this narrative. These many products and the meticulous nature of the design and the way they intersect with other products demanded a very high level of craftmanship from the Smucker Company team. The work that we installed has been met with rave reviews and has created a space where Armstrong Ceilings is very proud to showcase their products and capabilities.