Cornerstone Design Office

The Cornerstone Design Office project is an excellent example of an adaptive use of an unused space in an old, historic building. Dale Yoder had an incredible vision for the design of the space and recommended to the owner that Smucker Company be brought on as the wall and ceiling contractor because of the challenges that the project was going to create during the construction process. The Smucker Company construction team was able to provide the expertise needed to bring the vision to fruition.

During the construction phase of the project, the Smucker Company team needed to work very closely with the design team to meet the unique challenges of creating this finished office space from an old, dirty attic. What was a single story space became two stories with the addition of the mezzanine that was constructed within the existing space. Because of limited access to the attic area, the construction materials for both the main floor and the mezzanine needed to be stockpiled and organized so that the work could continue in a timely manner.

  • Client: Cornerstone Design Office
  • Location: Lancaster, PA
  • Project Type: Office
  • Contractor: Cornerstone Architects

The office area is designed with lots of open space and utilizes the existing steel cross bracing, roof purlins and wood ceilings to enhance the design of the space. Constructing the new walls around these existing conditions created challenges not typically seen on new construction projects. In some cases the walls were framed and drywall was installed with the existing steel bracing and purlins remaining and going through the new walls.

The space has many open, freestanding walls; curved walls and soaring, nineteen feet high walls. In addition, much of the drywall needed to be hung and finished to fit tight into the existing wood ceilings. With Smucker Company’s tradesman paying close attention to the details and the quality of the work, the office space turned out beautiful and Smucker Company is proud to have been a part of the construction of this unique project.