Gettysburg College

The Gettysburg College’s new, state of the art sports and recreation center is unique in many ways. Many of the areas where Smucker Company craftsman performed work are areas that are feature projects of the new building.

The fitness center portion of the building is a large open ceiling area with over 30’ high glass and brick exterior walls. Metal framing and drywall was installed between the large, high windows on the exterior walls. These large windows allow lots of light to come into the building in this area which gives a warm, natural feeling in this large room.

Inside the high windows are some very unique Trespa Ceiling panels that are suspended in mid-air hanging from the steel structure above. The panels are designed in a “double” triangular shape to match the window/roof design and had to be pre-assembled on the ground and then lifted into place as one piece.

  • Client: Gettysburg College
  • Location: Gettysburg, PA
  • Project Type: Education
  • Contractor: Kinsley Construction

Also in this large room on one of the side walls, Smucker craftsman installed metal studs and drywall in a design with numerous small, deep window openings. The contrast of this wall with many small windows and the large open windows on the front wall gives a very nice appearance to the room.

Throughout many other parts of this building, Smucker craftsman installed hundreds of feet of drywall reveal bead, detailed metal stud and drywall soffits and light coves. Upon entry to the building, there is a complex design combining drywall soffits, reveal beads and ceiling tiles, making the entry area one of the focal points of the entire building. This combination of drywall work and various types of ceiling tiles and styles continues throughout the building and showcases the intricate work that was needed to satisfy the owner and architects design ideas.

In the entry area, there are also some round GRG columns that were installed by Smucker craftsman. Again, this feature product adds to the overall appearance of the entry area of the building. In addition to the craftsmanship that was needed, there was the challenge of completing the renovation portion of the building on a very aggressive schedule. Plus, the work was completed without any impact on the ongoing use of the facility by the students ad faculty of Gettysburg College.

In the end, Smucker Company walked away from this project feeling good about the contribution they had made to the Gettysburg College campus. The College received a LEED Silver certified building with a wonderful design, great craftsmanship and the project was completed on time and on budget.