Harrisburg International Airport

The new 375,000 SF Terminal Building at Harrisburg International Airport was built along side the existing terminal. All airport operations at the existing terminal continued while the new construction was completed nearby. The new terminal houses eleven airline gates along with the ticketing area, holding rooms and baggage claim areas. In addition, there are retail and restaurant spaces built into the interior design of the terminal building. Smucker Company performed the installation of the metal studs, insulation and drywall throughout the interior areas of the project. Up to 90% of the work on the project was self-performed by Smucker’s workforce. The project was completed in just over a year.

The Terminal Building at Harrisburg Airport was a large scale project with a fast track schedule. The project was completed on time in spite of adding an additional large wing adding about 25% more space to the original design without changing the end date of the project.

  • Client: Harrisburg International Airport
  • Location: Harrisburg, PA
  • Project Type: Specialty Projects
  • Square Feet: 375000
  • Contractor: Kinsley Construction

Smucker Company installed interior metal stud framing, insulation and drywall in the large interior areas of the project. Smucker’s workers installed 14,000 LF of bulkheads and soffits, 550,000 SF of drywall and 5300 LF of drywall reveal bead. The most challenging work areas were in the 45’ high vaulted ceilings in the ticketing area, main entrance, baggage claim and holding rooms. Most of the detailed soffit work was installed in the high ceiling areas which resulted in an intricate network of drywall and acoustical ceilings that complement the beautiful design of the building.

Most of the work was performed using aerial lifts and scaffolds that required constant vigilance to maintain a safe workplace. All of Smucker’s work was completed without any lost time accidents during the nearly 50,000 man hours of work on the project. This was accomplished by regular inspections of the tools, equipment and work areas. During one routine inspection of the equipment, Smucker’s supervision discovered serious safety issues with the wheels of the aerial lift equipment. The problem was taken care of before any serious injuries occurred to any of Smucker’s workers.

This project is a great example of what can happen on a project with the presence of Merit Shop construction. All the different trades present on the project cooperated together to produce a high quality job that was completed on time.